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Taizhou Jiaoxing Transmission Equipment Co.,Ltd. is the member unit, employer's organization of variable-speed motor in the whole country. Develop the professionals factory of planet cone-disk stepless speed variator first at home. Technical force is rich, the design and manufacturing capacity are strong, production is well equipped. It is self-contained to test, the management system is sound, and it had already passed ISO9000 quality certification system. Product quality is wide to receive the domestic and international user's favorable comment.

Square serial worm that our company produce moderate device at selecting material and manufacturing engineering for use totally according to Europe similar product standard, Such as adopt and formate oil while being high-quality, select imported and famous brand seal,etc. for use , make products of us realize omni-directional installation and non-maintaining to maintain really. Products wide to sell all parts of the country at present, export to U.S.A., Malaysia, and form a complete set and export the countries all over the world.

The aim of our company is: " pioneer and invent, quality is originally". Follow policy on" one promise to user very diligent" , devoted to and create China reduce, variable-speed motor first- class brand of trade.

Welcome domestic and international user and people from all walks of life to sincerely cooperate.

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